Behind the Scenes and on the Scene

Over the past few months, we have been working behind the scenes on the content of various modules for the DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. training. Diverse life stories and experiences related to diversity-sensitive care were captured through interviews and storytelling. We also utilized various tools inspired by design-based research to determine which topics should be addressed in the training. One example is empathy maps, a powerful tool that synthesizes information about a user group by visualizing what they say, do, see, and hear (Cairns et al., 2021). The DISCOPMB Consortium created empathy maps for healthcare providers, students and older individuals with a migration background and their families. Based on the gathered information, we observed similar concerns: There were feelings of insecurity, concerns about prejudice and exclusion, questions on how to overcome communication barriers, but also shared hopes of receiving and providing high-quality care and feeling appreciated.

Taking all the input into account, DISCOPMB’ partners decided to focus the training on the following topics: migration trends and the experiences of older individuals and their families with long-term care, concepts of diversity and person-centered care, awareness of stereotypes and prejudices, and diverse-sensitive competences with a focus on social and communication skills. We are now finalizing the content and will start the piloting of the training in September.

On the Scene“: The DISCOPMB project was presented at various forums to a wide audience. Teatime@bib is an initiative by HOGENT, University of applied sciences and Arts, Belgian project partner, where themed lectures on a specific topic take place at the local HOGENT library. In May 2023, the topic was “All Different, about learning and living in a diverse society.” The audience consisted of a mix of educators, students and interested individuals from both within and outside HOGENT. The sessions were also filmed and a podcast was recorded, which you can listen here (in Dutch):

On the European level, the project was presented at the Annual General Meeting of Eurocarers in Berlin. Eurocarers brings together carers’ organizations, universities, and research institutes, creating a unique combination that enables evidence-based advocacy. The European event was valuable in informing an audience from more than 20 countries about our work and sharing information.