Project meeting in Sweden! The work continues and we take new steps

It is with great excitement that we want to update you on DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. is ongoing projects. We are pleased to inform you that work on WP3 (Work Package 3) has begun and it includes the development and implementation of an online Open Education Course (OER). It is an important step forward, and we cannot wait to share the details with you.

In mid-June, we started on the development of an online training in diversity-sensitive care for professionals in health and social care WP3. Linnaeus University, which is the project leader for this part of the project, started work on a syllabus and table of contents to make the work with online education clear to all partners. The syllabus and table of contents have been sent out to our partners for feedback.

On 18 th and 19 th of October the project meeting with participants from all partners in the project DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. took place at Linnaeus University in Växjö. During the meeting, we planned to continue the development of the online training through discussions in workshop format. The importance of this work package lies not only in its specific goals but also in how it fits into the other packages in DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. project.

As work on the development of online education progresses, we are piloting diversity care training programs for higher education in WP2. During the autumn semester, we will be testing the educational program on students from Linnaeus University and HOGENT, while ANS and JADE will be conducting the testing on health and social care professionals.

Although we cannot reveal all the details about WP3 yet, we can assure you that it is a result of ideas, research, and hard work among the project’s partners from five different European countries. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and maybe even a sneak peek at developments happening behind the scenes.
We are extremely happy for the opportunity to enlighten you about our development journey with you and we look forward to continuing with it. Thank you for taking part in this journey!