Evaluation of the development of the DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. training package

The DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. project does not only develop a training package and open educational resources, it also pilots them. To this end, the project also includes activities which aim to evaluate these learning and teaching materials. We will present the process we developed in the project and highlight some results from the evaluation.  In December 2022, we met in Ghent and spent some time developing a Theory of Change map to plan the training package. Once the draft training package and the different modules were developed, we invited peer reviewers to comment on the draft. The peer reviewers were knowledgeable on the topics but not involved in the partner’s DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. project teams. Following the reports of the peer reviewers, the draft for the training package was revised. When we piloted the training package, we were also interested in monitoring the impact of the training package and therefore invited participants to respond to different questionnaires before and after participating in the pilot.

We wanted to know whether participants increased their perceived capacity to provide person-centred care and whether they were satisfied with the content of the training package. After completing the piloting of the training package, we can report that the DI.S.C.O.P.M.B. training package pilot already demonstrated positive results. The perceived capacity of participants to explain different key terms increased. This was particularly the case for terms were the initial self-perceived capacity before participating in the training was low (e.g. 19% agreed (strongly to mostly) that they could explain the term diversity sensitive care, and 28% that they could explain the term intersectionality, which increased to 91% and 72% respectively after participating in the pilot. Participants were particularly satisfied with the interactive exercises and reflection exercises, but some wished for even more reflective exercises and additional interactive exercises or direction when working with the videos provided. This feedback was then taken on board when finalizing the training package.

Image: Pexels.com